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A sustainable volunteering programme

October 22, 2012

Volunteers have a been a vital part of most museums for some time now, however many sites find it hard to attract new volunteers or people with the right skills and interest to help keep the doors open and welcome the visitors.  But to be successful, recruitment (and retention) never stops.

Whether it is working with charities recruiting the homeless to volunteer at the London Transport Museum or developing a new volunteer philosophy like Hampshire Arts & Museums Service the end result will (hopefully) enable you to not only maintain or increase access to your site for visitors but also strengthen your ties to the local community and hopefully make your museum a happier place to visit.

In the Hampshire case I was involved in a step change for the service with over 100 new front of house volunteers recruited in the space of a few months.  New procedures and approaches to training and motivating the new teams were required but the end result has been a success in both keeping the doors open and smiles wide. However to be a long term success the process never stops, bring on the winter volunteer party!

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