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Arts Council funding for museums

April 8, 2013

Just before Easter the Arts Council announced awards to 87 museums and galleries that had applied for its strategic support fund for 2013 to 2015. It amounted to over £17 million over 2 years. The grants are aimed at small and medium sized museums, and the individual awards varied from £50,000 to £1 million. Just a few thoughts on the awards;

Good news for all those successful museums in these financially hard times. Many of the awards were granted to partnerships, such as the Jurassic Coast partnership which includes Bridport museum, Lyme Regis museum, Dorset County museum and the County Council. Together with similar successful partnerships over 10 percent of the 1343 Accredited museums in England should benefit from this round of grants from ACE.

It is also interesting that nearly half the awards went to independent museums that don’t get regular funding from government. There were a number of awards to agencies like Culture 24 to develop the Museum at Night scheme and Kids in Museums to support Takeover Day (when children run their local museum).

There were lots of awards for assisting with income generation, volunteering and of course World War One commemorative events. One of the more eye-catching awards is to the People’s History Museum’s “Play Your Part” which aims to get visitors to think about which everyday issues are worth fighting for and how the museum may reflect this in its contemporary collecting.

Its worth looking at the full list, as it gives you a flavour of what English museums are doing at the moment, especially those smaller museums that maybe just round the corner from you!

Aknowledgements to Twentieth Century Fox

Acknowledgements to Twentieth Century Fox

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