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Museums for the future

May 12, 2013

The Museums Association published their thoughts on where museums in the UK should be heading in a report Museums 2020. Although recent times have proved hard for many museums, it is heartening to see that half the adult population have visited a museum. Although as Maurice Davies of the MA pointed out on his blog that does leave the other half who have not entered a museum! However stuffy or academic some institutions appear to be I can’t help feeling that the future for museums will be bright, even if there are likely to be less professionals around for the forseeable future. Museums deal with the real and authentic, something which the public seem to have a real desire to discover and perhaps even more importantly individuals and groups are keen to get involved in either as volunteers or supporters. Technological and demographic changes do not seem to threaten museums’ prospects, indeed they may even provide a boost. While music shops are losing out people buy less CDs and more downloads and the ageing demographic reduces the popularity of the new and assist the popularity of older acts, for the moment museums continue to attract visitors and volunteers despite these changes.

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